How to perfect your resume

A resume is a document that outlines your personal information, qualifications, and most importantly, your work experience (paid and unpaid). Perfecting your resume could mean the difference between getting an interview or not. Here are five important tips to help you perfect your resume:

  1. Less is more:

Summerise your work experience into bullet points, highlighting your key responsibilities while employed in a position. An important tip is not to copy and paste your position description. Writing your key achievements and responsibilities in your own words could make all the difference.

2. Include timelines and dates:

Include exact dates (month, year format) so that the person reviewing your resume will have a clear picture of your tenure and study periods.

3. Limit your resume to three pages:

Limiting your resume to a maximum of three pages is highly recommended. Having too many pages means a lot of information for the reader to take in. Summarizing your experience and qualifications is the best way to present your resume.

4. Don’t forget your qualifications and courses:

Always list your qualifications. It is a good idea to list them after your personal information and before your work experience. Also, include the dates of completion.

5. Referee details:

Myth – you must list your referees. Truth is that referee details are often personal details of someone that you have worked with. You don’t want these floating around so here at Anila Recruitment, we recommend adding a note on your resume to says ‘Referee’s provided upon request’. This is well-received and respected.

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