Staff Retention in Early Childhood and OSHC

This month, Anila Recruitment conducted a poll on LinkedIn targeting Early Childhood and OSHC Professionals. The purpose of the poll was to gather insights into what factors these professionals consider important when deciding to work with an employer for an extended period. The results of the poll were not unexpected. As we engage with over 100 candidates on a weekly basis, we consistently observe a recurring theme among them. It appears that professionals in these fields are seeking opportunities with organisations that prioritise and foster a positive company culture.

Here are the results of our poll on LinkedIn that saw almost 30 Early Childhood and OSHC professionals vote

According to the poll conducted by Anila Recruitment, the responses from Early Childhood and OSHC Professionals revealed some interesting insights. Among the respondents, 42% considered Company Culture as the most crucial factor when deciding to work with an employer for an extended period. This indicates that a positive and supportive work environment is highly valued by professionals in these fields.

Work-life balance was another significant factor, with 35% of participants indicating its importance. This suggests that individuals seek employers who prioritise maintaining a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.

Career progression was highlighted by 15% of the respondents, indicating that opportunities for growth and advancement within an organisation are key considerations for professionals in Early Childhood and OSHC.

Surprisingly, only 8% of the participants voted for pay as the primary factor influencing their decision to remain with an employer long-term. This suggests that while salary is important, other factors such as company culture, work-life balance, and career progression hold greater significance for these professionals.

These poll results provide valuable insights into the preferences and priorities of Early Childhood and OSHC Professionals, allowing employers to better understand and address the needs of potential candidates in order to attract and retain top talent.

According to Indeed just some of the benefits of creating positive company culture include:

  • Job Satisfaction – Happier people!
  • Employee retention – People that stay!
  • Recruiting – A positive reputation in the market!
  • Motivation & Productivity – People that love what they do, and who do it well!
  • Collaboration – People that like working together!
  • Employee Wellbeing – Supporting mental health!

But the question is, how do we get there?

  1. Core Values: Make sure your organisation’s core values are not just superficial statements on your website. Instead, they should be deeply ingrained and considered in every decision made by the organisation.
  2. Work-Life Balance: Recognise the importance of work-life balance for your employees and foster an environment that supports and promotes this balance. Encourage collaboration and show understanding of your employees’ lifestyles to ensure a healthy equilibrium.
  3. Policy and Procedure Enforcement: Given the highly regulated nature of the Early Years and OSHC sector, it is crucial to consistently enforce policies and procedures. This ensures compliance with industry standards and promotes a safe and structured environment.
  4. Burnout Awareness: Demonstrate an understanding of the signs of burnout and implement appropriate strategies to mitigate its effects within your organisation. By proactively addressing burnout, you create a supportive and influential environment that values the well-being of your employees.

By incorporating these elements into your organisation’s approach, you can enhance employee satisfaction, attract top talent, and foster a positive company culture that aligns with the preferences expressed by professionals in the Early Childhood and OSHC fields.

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